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Speed Booster for Aurora-Based Trace Protocols
Probe Options

PowerTrace Serial
4 GByte trace memory
Universal module that is prelicensed for a trace protocol on delivery, additional trace protocol licenses can be added
Aurora-based trace protocols up to 8 RX lanes, up to 12.5 Gbit/s per lane
Speed booster TRACE32 Preprocessor Aurora 2 delivers up to 22.5 Gbit/s per lane for up to 4 lanes
PCIe 3.0-based trace protocol up to 8 RX/TX lanes, up to 8 Gbit/s per lane
Maximum bandwidth of 100 GBit/s
Reference-clock and bit-clock support
Fast trace upload to the host computer
Support for TRACE32 Streaming up to 400 MByte/s
TRACE32 Standard Probe/Analog Probe option
Support for Arm/Cortex, ARC, CEVA-X, MPC57xx, QorIQ, RH850, RISC-V, TriCore, Xtensa



PowerTrace Serial is an extension to the debug module TRACE32 PowerDebug X50 and offers a trace memory of up to 4 GByte, which can record trace data conveyed off-chip via a serial trace port.

Configuration of PowerTrace Serial

The PowerTrace Serial has two serial port connectors:
  • The picture on the left shows the use of Serial Port 0, which is designed for HSSTP trace ports with up to 6 lanes.
  • The picture in the middle shows the use of Serial Port 1, which is designed for HSSTP and PCIe trace ports with up to 8 lanes.
  • Other serial trace ports need an adapter to be used, as shown by the right picture.

Speed Booster for Aurora-Based Trace Protocols

Preprocessor Aurora 2 for PowerTrace Serial
  • Preprocessor Aurora 2 for PowerTrace Serial delivers up to
    4 lanes at up to 22.5 Gbit/s per lane
  • License-free preprocessor, license holder remains PowerTrace Serial

Probe Options

  • With TRACE32 Standard Probe PowerTrace Serial can be used as a 17 channel logic analyzer for transient recording, simple triggering, protocol analysis etc.

  • With TRACE32 Analog Probe PowerTrace Serial can be used to measure the voltage and current values for energy profiling.
PowerTrace Serial provides a 1024K trace memory for this purpose.

IProbe of PowerTrace Serial


Adaptation for Arm HSSTP

Adaptation for MPC5xxx/SPC5xx Aurora Nexus

Adaptation for QorIQ PowerPC Aurora Trace Port

Converters for RH850 PowerTrace Serial/Serial Preprocessor

Adaptation for TriCore AGBT/SGBT

Adaptation for PCIe on PowerTrace Serial

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