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The Univeral Trace Module PowerTrace Serial
Additional Features

PowerTrace Serial
4 GByte trace memory
Universal module that is prelicensed for a trace protocol on delivery
Additional trace protocol licenses can be added
Up to 12.5 Gbit/s per channel
Maximum bandwidth of 100 GBit/s
Aurora-based trace protocols up to 8 RX lanes
PCIe 3.0-based trace protocol up to 8 RX/TX lanes
Reference-clock and bit-clock support
Fast trace upload to the host computer
Support for TRACE32 Streaming up to 180 MByte/s, compression allows higher data rates to be achieved
PODBUS Express interface to PowerDebug PRO
PODBUS and PODBUS Express interfaces to Logic Analyzer modules, e.g. PowerProbe, PowerIntegrator
Additional independent 17 channel logic analyzer (with included Standard Probe)
Support for ARM/Cortex, ARC, CEVA-X, MPC57xx, QorIQ, RH850, TriCore


The Univeral Trace Module PowerTrace Serial

Thanks to the modularity concept of Lauterbach, the tools are designed around base modules which are universal and architecture-independent. PowerTrace Serial as a universal trace module is preconfigured for a trace protocol (e.g. ARM-ETM) and can be connected to the target just via an extension cable.

PowerTrace Serial needs PowerDebug PRO in order to debug and connect to the host computer. The following picture shows the configuration.

Configuration of PowerTrace Serial

PowerDebug PRO
  • Support for over 80 microprocessor architectures, e.g. ARM, Cortex, Power Architecture, Intel x86/x64, etc.
  • Universal debug module, connect to target via architecture-dependent debug cables
  • USB3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet Interface to all hosts
  • PODBUS and PODBUS Express interfaces to Logic Analyzer modules, e.g. PowerProbe, PowerIntegrator
  • PODBUS Express interface to trace modules, e.g. PowerTrace PX, PowerTrace II and PowerTrace Serial for fast upload of trace data
  • Trigger connector to send and receive trigger pulses

Additional Features

In addition to the regular trace features PowerTrace Serial can be used as a 17 channel logic analyzer with the provided Standard Probe for transient recording, simple triggering, protocol analysis etc. With the TRACE32 Analog Probe which could be ordered seperately the voltage and current values can be measured for energy profiling.
IProbe of PowerTrace II


Adaptation for ARM HSSTP

Adaptation for MPC5xxx/SPC5xx Aurora Nexus

Adaptation for QorIQ PowerPC Aurora Trace Port

Adaptation for RH850 Aurora

Adaptation for TriCore AGBT

Adaptation for PCIe on PowerTrace Serial

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