PCIe Gen 4 Preprocessor for PowerTrace Serial


PCIe Gen 4 Preprocessor for PowerTrace Serial

Product number: LA-3529

Preprocessor for PowerTrace Serial (1 or 2) to record trace from up to
four lanes of PCIe Gen 4. (Without this preprocessor PowerTrace Serial
supports only PCI Gen 2 and Gen 3.)

Requires the licenses LA-3550X (License for PCI Express) programmed
to your PowerTrace Serial in addition to a suitable trace decoder license.

You can choose between two kinds of target connection:
Connection 1: OCuLink SFF-8612 connector (via included OCuLink
cable). Preprocessor is used inside the included housing.
Connection 2: PCI-Express x4 Connector. Preprocessor is used as a
slotcard wihout the housing.

Voltage levels of sideband signals must have 3.3V. Support for other
voltage levels on request.

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