Supported Host OS


Freedom of Choice

It is our mission to provide you with the most powerful and universal debug and trace tools on planet Earth. Therefore is is out of question that our tools will run on all host operating systems that are used in embedded development. Furthermore we take special care to provide long-term support even for older operating systems, enabling you to update your TRACE32® software without effort.

OS Host Architecture GUI Framework Support Status Details / Notice
Windows 11 x86, x86_64 active
Windows 10 x86, x86_64 active
Windows 8 x86, x86_64 EOS 2020.09
Windows 7 x86, x86_64 active
Linux x86_64 Qt5 or Motif active Planned upgrade of build environment after 02/2024, before RHEL7 EOL
Linux aarch64 Qt5 on request
macOS 10.12 and newer x86_64, ARM64 active