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PowerView Instruction Set Simulator | Lauterbach

Instruction Set Simulator

Use our TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator to develop or test your application code without the need of a target hardware. It is a built-in feature of our TRACE32 PowerView software and is also available as trial version for evaluation.


Debugging over USB

TRACE32 supports several silicon IP solutions that enable full debug and trace functionality without limitations by using a USB connection between the target and your (host) computer. These solutions provide low-level access to the target without requiring direct physical access to the PCB.


Debugging via XCP

For automotive ECU development our TRACE32 software debugging via XCP allows debugging of an ECU concurrently to the engine calibration. Our PowerView software enables you to use many of our world class debugging features such as multicore debugging, OS awareness and on-chip trace.


Debugger for Simulators, Emulators and Virtual Targets

Our TRACE32 tools can connect to various simulators, emulators, and virtual targets. You can reuse the scripts generated in this phase throughout the entire product life cycle because the user interface and scripting commands stay the same from simulations through use in the field.