• Lauterbach Announces Free Debug Support for Arduino® Nicla Vision

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Lauterbach Development Tools

Dedicated to Your Embedded Innovations of Tomorrow

For over 40 years, the world’s greatest technology companies trust Lauterbach’s unrivalled technical expertise, support and leading development tools TRACE32®. Whatever innovations they build and whatever industry they come from, their reason for selecting Lauterbach and TRACE32® was, is and will be always the same: ensuring great and above all successful product developments, which are crucial for building our smart and sustainable world. 

Dedicated to Your Embedded Innovations of Tomorrow - our success is, when you and your products are successful. And TRACE32® is a small part of it.

Any core in any chip

Lauterbach's TRACE32® tools cover everything. No matter which chips, microarchitectures or 3rd party suppliers you work with today and in the future.

Always at your side

The best technology is only as good as its support. Enjoy fast response times, deep processor expertise and lifetime product support.

Maximum flexibility

Start your actual project with the best fitting configuration on the market. Modularity opens up the opportunity to easily upgrade your TRACE32® later on.

One system for everything

Utilize TRACE32® for the entire life-cycle of your design: Simulation, virtual platforms, real-life hardware, automated test regression and continuous integration.

Your trusted ecosystem partner

We support the most recent advances in embedded systems design, often long before a new chip arrives at the market, and easily integrate with third parties.

Functional safety
made easy

Use our certified Tool Qualification Support Kit (TQSK) for your safety-related projects and simplify your path to certification.


Your Key to Embedded Innovations

Lauterbach‘s TRACE32® tools are a suite of leading-edge hardware and software components that enables you to analyze, optimize and certify all kinds of embedded systems. Our globally renowned debug and trace solutions for embedded systems and SoCs are the perfect solution for all development phases from early pre-silicon development up to product certification and troubleshooting in the field. The intuitive modular design of our tools provide you with the highest available performance today and a system that adapts and grows as your needs change.

PowerDebug System  - Lauterbach

PowerDebug System

Powerful, modular, flexible debug system that adapts and grows with you as you move from project to project and chip to chip. It provides the broadest coverage of supported chips and core architectures in the embedded industry.

Trace Extensions

Lauterbach’s selection of trace extensions collect information while the system under examination is running normally, without interruption.


Software-only Solutions

Lauterbach provides in addition to its hardware-based debug and trace tools pure software debuggers. These debuggers are used to debug RTL simulations/emulations and virtual targets in the pre-silicon phase of a project, and to debug the target via native host interfaces such as USB.


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