Supported Toolchain

Flash Devices

We support the programming of a large variety of flash devices: NOR, NAND, SPI, QSPI, EMMC and more, in total more than 1.000 devices supplied by dozens of semiconductor manufacturers.

Flash Controllers

We support a large variety of NAND and serial flash controllers by all major semiconductor suppliers, next to NAND providing flash interfaces like SPI, QSPI, eMMC, SNOR, SD and I2C-EEPROM as well.

Tool Integrations

You can integrate TRACE32 with well-known and popular 3rd party tools easily, e.g. Eclipse, Simulink, LabView, Vectorcast and many more.


TRACE32 supports any popular hypervisor used in embedded applications. The support includes open-source projects like Jailhouse as well as commercial products like Xen project, L4Re, KVM, LynxSecure, QNX, PikeOS and VxWorks.


You can operate TRACE32 on targets running bootloaders from American Megatrends, coreboot, DENX Software Engineering and Insyde Software for Arm and/or x86 architectures.


TRACE32 supports all popular open source and commercial compilers used for developing embedded applications running on various architectures and targets.

Target OS

TRACE32 supports all popular open source and commercial real-time and rich operating systems used in embedded applications and over 80 operating systems in total.

Host OS

Our debug software PowerView runs on all major operating systems like MS-Windows, Apple macOS and Linux.