PowerTrace III


High-Performance Parallel Trace Extension

Our high-performance PowerTrace III trace module is the best trace tool available for parallel trace ports, letting you get the maximum data throughput out of your device. With its high speed, large memory buffer, and support of almost any CPU, you are able to record system behavior in real time without influencing the system operation. PowerTrace III uses the PodBus Express port of your existing PowerDebug X50 to expand your system capabilities. Migration to a new architecture requires minimal change due to the modular design of preprocessors and connectors.


Win the Race with Trace

Real-time trace dramatically improves your ability to debug and analyze your embedded system. Embedded projects benefit from measuring execution performance, analyzing race conditions, or proving code coverage. By using PowerTrace III for parallel trace, you will quickly locate and fix bugs to keep up with the ever-hastening development cycle pace. It captures the comprehensive run-time behavior of your embedded system to find glitches even if they only appear in real time.

Keep Up with Modern Multi-Core Devices

Store data from multiple cores simultaneously in the large high-speed buffer (up to 8 GB) of the PowerTrace III. With its maximum recording speed of 19.2 Gbit/s, PowerTrace III is suitable for state-of-the-art and future processor speeds.

Use Any Available Trace Protocol

PowerTrace III can handle a wide range of standard and proprietary trace protocols for both system-level and program flow traces. These include ETM, PTM, Nexus, MCDC, SWV, TWP, STP and more.

Ultra-Long Trace Lets You Capture Everything

Capture extremely long-term trace recordings by streaming trace data to your host PC for later analysis. An average streaming rate of 400 MB/s ensures reliable transfer without data loss. Even higher trace rates may be achieved and are handled reliably by the PowerTrace III internal high-speed memory buffer.

Trace Outside The Box

PowerTrace III provides a complete view of your embedded system beyond the confines of your SoC core. The Mixed-Signal Probe augments your PowerTrace III by recording external digital and analog signals and correlating them exactly to the traced program execution. This provides crucial insight into any external, real-time behavior that affects your code execution.


Compare Trace Extensions

This product

lauterbach-powertrace-serial-2 lauterbach-powertrace-iii lauterbach-powertrace-II-lite lauterbach-combiprobe
Product PowerTrace Serial 2 PowerTrace III
PowerTrace II Lite CombiProbe 2  
Memory Size 4 GByte or 8 GByte 4 GByte or 8 GByte 1 GByte 512 MByte
Application High-performance serial tracing High-performance parallel tracing Parallel tracing Debugging and system trace
Maximum Bandwidth 80 Gbit/s 19.2 Gbit/s 10.8 Gbit/s 3.2 Gbit/s
Streaming Performance 4
(Peak / Average)
10.000 / 400 MByte/s 2.400 / 400 MByte/s 1.350 / 100 MByte/s 200 / 140 MByte/s
Parallel Trace1 N/A Up to 36 lines
600+ Mbit/s per line @ 17 lines
350 Mbit/s per line @ 36 line
Up to 36 lines
600+ Mbit/s per line @ 9 lines
450 Mbit/s per line @ 17 lines
225 Mbit/s per line @ 36 lines
Two ports with up to 4 lines each 400 Mbit/s per line
Serial Trace Up to 8 lanes with 2
12.5 Gbit/s per lane @ 8 lanes
22.5 Gbit/s per lane @ 4 lanes 7
PCIe Gen.2/3 x8, PCIe Gen.4 x48
Up to 4 lanes2,3
6.25 Gbit/s per lane @ 3 lanes
5.00 Gbit/s per lane @ 4 lanes
Up to 4 lanes2,3
6.25 Gbit/s per lane @2 lanes
4.50 Gbit/s per lane @3 lanes
3.38 Gbit/s per lane @ 4 lanes
Option for logic analyzer and energy profiling Via Mixed-Signal Probe Via Mixed-Signal Probe Not Available Via Mixed-Signal Probe
Required debug module PowerDebug X506 PowerDebug X506 PowerDebug X506 Any PowerDebug5
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1The average streaming rate defines the amount of data which can be transferred on the fly to the PC per second. If the trace-port rate is below that streaming rate in average, a practically infinite recording time is possible. The peak-rate is possible temporarily and is compensated by the internal memory of the PowerTrace extension.

2We specify here the speed of the serial link. The maximum speed for the transferred payload is usually smaller due to line encoding, e.g. 80 % with 8b/10b encoding.

3 Requires serial preprocessor. For serial tracing we recommend PowerTrace Serial.

4The streaming rate defines the amount of data which can be transferred on the fly to the PC per second. If the trace-port rate is below the streaming rate in average, a practically infinite recording time is possible.

5 CombiProbe 2 works with PowerDebug E50, X50, E40, PRO, USB 3, II. Not supported are PowerDebug Ethernet, USB, or USB 2.

6 PowerTrace extensions work with PowerDebug X50, PRO, II.

7Requires Preprocessor

8PCIe Gen.4 (16 Gbit/s) requires Preprocessor (available in Q2/2023).


Choose your PowerTrace III package

PowerTrace III 4 GigaByte

Universal Trace Port Controller, 4 Giga Byte Trace Memory requires PowerDebug II Ethernet, PowerDebug PRO or PowerDebug X50 and TRACE32 software DVD 2021/02 or newer

Product number: LA-2521
PowerTrace III 8 GigaByte

Universal Trace Port Controller, 8 Giga Byte Trace Memory requires PowerDebug II Ethernet, PowerDebug PRO or PowerDebug X50 and TRACE32 software DVD 2021/02 or newer

Product number: LA-2520
PowerTrace III 8GB+Mixed-Signal Probe (PACK)

Package of PowerTrace-III Universal Trace Port Controller, and Mixed-Signal Probe Digital/Analog 40-pin connector Characteristics of digital probe 12 channels (12 data) 0..5 V Input 200 MSamples per channel Characteristics of analog probe 6 Channels -12V..+12V 13 bit resolution, 2 current sense channels, Conversion rate 1 MSample/s requires PowerDebug II Ethernet or PowerDebug PRO and TRACE32 software DVD 2021/02 or newer Recommended accessories: LA-6470 Clip Set (Cable and Clips)

Product number: LA-2525

Maximize Bandwidth with Autofocus Technology

To connect your target’s trace port to the PowerTrace III, you need a platform-specific trace probe, because trace ports come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your use case, a trace probe for the PowerTrace III is called a Preprocessor or Nexus Adapter.

Our Preprocessor’s AutoFocus technology automatically adjusts the sampling point for every signal of your parallel trace port independently from one another. This results in more reliable trace capture with less concern about board routing and length matching.

See Trace Probes  Know the AutoFocus technology

AutoFocus Technology  | Lauterbach

Configuration Examples for PowerTrace III

PowerTrace Lite II with IDC20A & AutoFocus |   Lauterbach

Arm Parallel Trace

Capture Arm CoreSight™ Trace to investigate code execution and data accesses, provided on a MICTOR 38 connector. For parallel trace ports wider than 16 bits, you can connect a second cable to the Preprocessor.

Products included:


MIPI Parallel Trace

Capture trace in MIPI System Trace Protocol (STP) or MIPI Trace Wrapper Protocol (TWP) from a MIPI-60 trace port. The 60-pin QTH/QSH connection supports up to 36 parallel trace signals via one single connector.

Products included:


PowerPC Parallel Trace

Analyze the program flow with data accesses from SoCs of the MPC5xxx and SPC5xx microprocess families by connecting to a parallel NEXUS auxiliary trace port. Attaching a Mixed-Signal Probe allows additional energy profiling or protocol analysis, e.g. of an attached CAN bus.

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