TRACE32 CombiProbe 2 for RISC-V

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TRACE32 CombiProbe 2 for RISC-V
Recommended for debugging of multicore microcontrollers consisting of RISC-V cores and cores from other architectures
Recommended for the parallel operation of two RISC-V microcontrollers in safety-critical applications (hardware redundancy), requires two MIPI20T Whisker

Debug cable and 512 MByte of trace memory
Whisker MIPI20T
TRACE32 Streaming up to 85 MByte/s
TRACE32 Mixed Signal Probe supported


Standard Tool Configuration


The left photo shows the TRACE32 standard configuration with USB3 as host interface. The right photo shows the TRACE32 configuration for Gigabit Ethernet.


Extended Tool Configurations


Extended Tool Configurations for CombiProbe 2 for RISC-V

The left photo shows a configuration with two identical whiskers as it is required for the parallel operation of two RISC-V microcontrollers in safty-critical applications. The right photo shows a TRACE32 Mixed Signal Probe connected to connector B.


Connection Cables

Whisker MIPI20T for RISC-V
  • Support for MIPI20T and MIPI10 pinout
  • Support for standard JTAG, SWD and cJTAG (IEEE 1149.7)
  • 400 MBit/s per trace channel
  • Voltage range 1.2V to 5V

TRACE32 Mixed Signal Probe
  • Record digital/analog signals and correlate them with program flow
  • Digital signals: 12 channels, 0V - 5V, 200 MSamples/s per channel, threshold 0.1V - 2.5V
  • Analog signals: 6 single-ended voltage channels, -12V - +12V, 13-bit resolution, 2 current sense channels, up to 240mV differential shunt resistor voltage, 1 MSample/s conversion rate

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