Mixed-Signal Probe COB 2/MicroTrace/PT-III


Mixed-Signal Probe COB 2/MicroTrace/PT-III

Product number: LA-2500

Digital/Analog probe with 40-pin connector for
LA-3204 MicroTrace for Cortex-M (PACK)
LA-3080 CombiProbe 2 for MIPI20T-HS (PACK)
LA-3082 CombiProbe 2 for MIPS32+4-Bit IFLOW (PACK)
LA-3083 CombiProbe 2 for MIPI34 (PACK)
and PowerTrace III

Characteristics of digital probe
12 channels (12 data)
0..5 V Input
200 MSamples per channel

Characteristics of analog probe
6 Channels -12V..+12V 13 bit resolution,
2 current sense channels,
Conversion rate 1 MSample/s

requires TRACE32 software DVD 2021/02 or newer

Recommended accessories:
LA-6470 Clip Set (Cable and Clips)

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