CombiProbe 2 for MIPS32+4-Bit IFLOW (PACK)


CombiProbe 2 for MIPS32+4-Bit IFLOW (PACK)

Product number: LA-3082

CombiProbe 2 to debug and trace MIPS32 CPUs
with 4 Bit IFLOW trace.

Voltage Range: 1.2V...3.3V (5V tolerant inputs).
Target Connector: MIPI34, MIPI20T, MIPI10, eJTAG/IFLOW.
Trace memory: 512 MByte.
Maximum trace port width: 4 pins.
Maximum trace bandwidth: 200 MBit/s per trace pin.

Iincluded adapter for eJTAG and IFLOW connector.

Includes the TRACE32 software for Windows, Linux and macOS
on DVD and for download.

Requires the following A-license:
LA-7760A (JTAG Debugger for MIPS32).

4-Bit IFlow program trace requires:
LA-7971X (Trace License for the MIPS32).

Requires TRACE32 Software R.2022.02 (build 142224) or newer.

Requires Power Debug Interface USB 3.0, PowerDebug II,
PowerDebug PRO, PowerDebug E40 or PowerDebug X50.

Extend your CombiProbe with a Mixed-Signal Probe (LA-2500),
to record and correlate digital and analog signals.