CombiProbe 2 for dsPIC Dual Core (PACK)


CombiProbe 2 for dsPIC Dual Core (PACK)

Product number: LA-3084

CombiProbe 2 with two whisker cables
for dual core debugging with dsPIC.

26-pin Automotive Connector
with converters for 8-pin Microchip Connector.
Voltage range 1.8 to 5.0.

Includes the TRACE32 software for Windows, Linux and macOS
on DVD and for download.

Requires the following A-license:
LA-2760A (Debugger for PIC Additional)
LA-7960X (License for Multicore Debugging).

Requires Power Debug Interface USB 3.0, PowerDebug II,
PowerDebug PRO, PowerDebug E40 or PowerDebug X50.