CombiProbe 2 for Intel® MIPI60C (Long) (PACK)


CombiProbe 2 for Intel® MIPI60C (Long) (PACK)

Product number: LA-3086

CombiProbe 2 with MIPI60-Cv2 Whisker for debugging of Intel® SoCs.
Supports 8 HOOK pins and 2 JTAG ports.
Voltage range 1.0V to 1.8V.

Includes 12 Inch flexible flat cable for target connection.

Includes the TRACE32 software for Windows, Linux and macOS
on DVD and for download.

Requires suitable A-license for debugging.

Requires Power Debug Interface USB 3.0, PowerDebug II,
PowerDebug PRO, PowerDebug E40 or PowerDebug X50.