Trace Probes


The Right Trace Probe for Your Target

The trace probe connects your target’s trace port to the PowerTrace module. Depending on your target, we may call it a Preprocessor or a Nexus Adapter.

Our trace probes support trace connectors, pinouts, and electrical needs for various architectures and SoCs. We have the right probe to connect your target's trace port smoothly to the PowerTrace module.


Trace Probes Loaded with Our Know-How

Our knowledge and experience in off-chip trace technology enable us to design trace probes that work with all kinds of core architectures, trace protocols, and physical interfaces. We have the right probe for your SoC.

Preserve your investment

Our modular system allows you to preserve your tool investment as you move from one project to another. If your project suddenly shifts, you can swap out the trace probe on your existing PowerDebug/PowerTrace System to align with your new needs.

Trace multiple cores concurrently

Our trace probes support trace wrapper protocols that combine trace streams from various core architectures into a single trace stream. This lets you capture the program flow of all cores inside your SoC concurrently with just one probe.

Connect to every target

Your target will require a connector to give the trace probe access to the signals. There are many different connectors to choose from. This allows you to balance space, cost, and other concerns. We provide a wide range of converters to adapt your trace probe to the trace connector on your target.


Reach the Maximum Bandwidth with our Autofocus Technology

Our Preprocessor's AutoFocus technology ensures reliable trace capture. It does this by automatically tuning the sampling point of each signal on your parallel trace port. This reduces the cost and concern of board routing and length matching. And gives you maximum trace data throughput.

Know the AutoFocus technology
AutoFocus Technology  | Lauterbach

Trace Probes for PowerTrace II Lite & PowerTrace III

This table shows the trace probes for PowerTrace II Lite and PowerTrace III. Each trace probe can support multiple CPU architectures. You add the appropriate trace licenses when needed.

Trace Probe Connector Supported Architecture Families Order Codes
AutoFocus-II Preprocessor V2 2x MICTOR38 Arm®/Cortex®, ARC, Beyond, C5000, C6000, C7000, CEVA-Teak, CEVA-X, Hexagon, MicroBlaze, Nios® II, PowerPC, RH850/V850, RISC-V, STRED, StarCore, SuperH, Xtensa® LA-3100 (generic), LA-3913 (ARC), LA-3308 (ARM), LA-3908 (Beyond), LA-3903 (C6000), LA-3924 (C7000), LA-3904 (TeakLite), LA-7996 (CEVA), LA-3901 (MicroBlaze), LA-3917 (Nios® II), LA-3900 (PPC4xx), LA-3918 (RH850), LA-3300 (RISC-V), LA-3920 (STRED), LA-3902 (SH), LA-3921 (Xtensa®)
AutoFocus-II-MIPI Preprocessor MIPI60 Arm®/Cortex®, C6000, C7000, Intel®/x86, MIPS, STRED LA-3160 (generic), LA-3311 (ARM), LA-3916 (C6000), LA-3925 (C7000), LA-3907 (Intel®/x86), LA-3906 (MIPS32)
NIOS II Preprocessor MICTOR38 Nios® II LA-3801 (Nios® II)
ColdFire HS Preprocessor IDC26F ColdFire LA-3759 (ColdFire)
AUD-4 Preprocessor AUD36 SuperH, Renesas-RX LA-7898 (SH4+RX), LA-3800 (ST40)
SerialTrace Preprocessor V2 HSSTP40 Arm®/Cortex®, C6000, PowerPC, RH850/V850, TriCore™/AURIX™, Xtensa®, ARC LA-3140 (generic), LA-3309 (ARM), LA-3926 (C6000), LA-3305 (MPC57xx), LA-3910 (PPC4xx), LA-7987 (QorIQ), LA-3943 (RH850), LA-3304 (TriCore™), LA-3923 (Xtensa®)
Nexus Adapter MICTOR38
PowerPC LA-7630 (MPC5xxx/SPC5)