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Our CombiProbe 2 is a compact debug and trace system that provides our full feature set to embedded systems with compact trace ports of up to 4 bits wide.

"Requires at least one of the following A-licenses: LA-3743A Debug. for Cortex-A/R (Armv8 and Armv9) Add..." "LA-7844A Debug Cortex-M (Armv6/7/8 32-bit) Add. LA-7843A Debug Cortex-A/-R (Armv7 32-bit) Add...." "Requires trace license LA-7970X for on-chip ETM traces of Cortex-A/R...." "LA-7844A Debug Cortex-M (Armv6/7/8 32-bit) Add. LA-7843A Debug Cortex-A/-R (Armv7 32-bit) Add...." "Requires trace license LA-7970X for on-chip ETM traces of Cortex-A/R...."

C2000 Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Using our debugger you can debug and control any C28x core - along with all of the other Arm cores and CLA coprocessors - all at the same time.

"C2000 Debugger OVERVIEW C28x Cores Standalone and Alongside with Arm® Cores and CLA CoprocessorsBenefit..." "C2000 controller to chips integrating Arm Cortex-M CPUs and CLA real-time control coprocessors with..." "C28x cores...." "Debug C28x Cores in Multi-Architecture Chips Debug all your C28x cores and non-C28x cores – Arm® Cortex..." "Which C2000 core do you want to use?..."

The IDC20A Debug Probe provides maximum flexibility. It is featuring the most common pin-out in the embedded market with a wide input voltage range.

"Arm/Cortex AndesCore APEX APS3 ARC AVR8 ARP32 Beyond C166SV2 C2000 C5000 C6000 C7000 CEVA-X HC11 Hexagon..." ", Cortex-R, Cortex-X and Neoverse 32/64-bit cores GTM, SPT, IPU and Multicore debugging included IDC20A..." "/R (Armv7) IDC20A (PACK) LA-3253 Supports Armv7-A/R based Cortex-A and Cortex-R 32-bit cores GTM and..." "(Armv6/7/8) IDC20A (PACK) LA-3254 Supports Arm Cortex-M cores and SecurCore SC000/SC300 trace support..." "ETM Cortex-M via ETB included GTM and IPU debugging included IDC20A debug cable supports 5-pin standard..."

Thanks to XCP Debugging, you can perform all your ECU development tasks without the need to switch tools or connect multiple tools at the same time.

"Arm Cortex-M Arm Cortex-R TriCore RH850 MPC5xxx GTM HOW IT WORKS A Deeper Look Into Debugging over XCP..." "Back-End LA-8889L 1 User Floating License V850/RH850 Front-End Debug & On-Chip Trace Solution for Arm Cortex-M..." "Debug and trace your Arm Cortex-M based ECU that is connected to an XCP tool...." "Lic XCP Cortex-M Debug Back-End  LA-9001L 1 User Floating Lic...." "Lic XCP Cortex-M Debug Back-End Jump to Section Overview Benefits Supported Architectures How it works..."


Our debug and trace tools support more than 150 microprocessor architectures. Simply use the architecture search feature to find your best solution.

"Arm® / Cortex®from Arm® Explore TriCorefrom Infineon Explore PowerPC Explore RISC-V® Explore Xtensa®..." "Explore ALL SUPPORTED ARCHITECTURES Supporting More than 150 Microprocessor Architectures Search your core..."

A variety of specialized debug probes dedicated to specific target platforms have in common that they ensure your best possible debugging experience.

"7723 (PPC40x), LA-7752 (PPC44x), LA-2755 (eSi-RISC) NIOS Debug Probe IDC10N Nios®II, AVR32, AVR8, Arm®/Cortex..." "-3746 (Coldfire-V1) 68HC11 Debug Probe IDC10E 68HC11 MIPS Debug Probe IDC14M MIPS, i8051, ARC, Arm®/Cortex..." ", PowerPC, RH850, dsPIC, RISC-V, ARC, Xtensa®, i8051 More Details IDC20A Debug Probe V5 IDC20A Arm®/Cortex..." "Intel®/x86, Arm®/Cortex®, TriCore™/AURIX™, RISC-V, dsPIC, MIPS, APS, ARC, ARP32, C166, C2000, C5000,..."

Trainings in Italy IN SUPPORT & TRAINING

Information on our trainings in Italy can be found here

"Basic debugging single-core and multi-core systems Availability: On Request See agenda Advanced debugging..." "and tracing Arm Cortex Availability: On Request See agenda Advanced debugging and tracing TriCore Aurix..."

Tool Qualification IN FEATURES & USE CASES

Our Tool Qualification Support Kit minimizes your Debug- and Trace-Tool Qualification Efforts and Costs in Safety-related embedded Projects

"Test Suite - Coverage Prequalified with the following chips / architectures: TI Hercules RM57Lx -Arm Cortex-R5NXP..." "MPC5777M - PowerPC MPC55xxInfineon Aurix TC297TF - TriCore TC27xST Microelectronics Stellar SR6P7G7 - Arm Cortex-R52NXP..."


With over 40 years of real-time embedded design experience, the engineering team at Lauterbach are there to help you get the most from the tools: timely support, processor expertise, rapid support for new processors, and lifetime product support.

"Available for Groups See agenda Linux-aware Debugging Available for Groups only See Agenda Tracing for Arm/Cortex..."

Intel Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Analyze Intel® SoC designs with both the x86 and other Instruction Sets, from a single core Intel® Quark™ to multicore Core™ or Xeon™ application processors.

"Using our TRACE32® tools you can debug and control any x86 core (along with all of the other cores like..." "Arm® Cortex™, Arc™, Xtensa™ and even 8051) in any SoC via a single debug interface, all at the same..." "Debug Multi-Architecture Intel SoCs Debug all your x86 cores and/or non-x86 cores at the same time with..." "Besides x86 we support Arm® Cortex, Arc®, Xtensa®, 8051 and other cores in symmetric (SMP including hy-perthreading..." "Which Intel core do you want to use?..."