Architecture-Specific Debug Probes

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Debug Your Target. Any Target.

Our PowerDebug System supports more than 150 microprocessor architectures simply by adding the right debug probe to your debug module. Besides our universal debug probes - IDC20A, AUTO26, and CombiProbe - we offer a variety of specialized debug probes dedicated to specific target platforms. They all have in common that they give you the best possible debugging experience.


Enjoy the Best Fitting Debug Probe for Your Target

Our 40 years of experience in the embedded market has given us the expertise to develop the best available debug probes within the embedded industry. Together with our market-leading debug modules, they are your perfect solution for any challenge.

Leverage your full architecture´s debug capabilities

There are various architectures that you can debug perfectly by using one of our universal debug probes. Nevertheless, there are also architectures which implement specific debug protocols, target connectors or sideband signals. To ensure your best possible debug experience in these use cases as well, we provide dozens of optimized, specific debug probes for any architecture and any target.

Experience multicore debugging in the easiest way

Empower your debug system with multicore debugging capabilities simply by adding a suitable license to your existing debug probe. This happens via software only, you don't have to replace or exchange any hardware.

Connect your debugger to every target

There are many different connectors used in embedded applications. We provide a wide range of converters to adapt your debug probe to the corresponding connector used on the target platform.


TRACE32 Debug Probes

Debug ProbeConnectorSupported Main-ArchitecturesHW Order Codes
RH850 Debug Probe IDC14R RH850, RISC-V, Xtensa® LA-3719 (RH850)
V850 Debug Probe IDC20V V850, MIPS64 LA-7835 (V850), LA-7842 (NEC-VR)
MPC5xx+MPC8xx Debug Probe IDC10P PowerPC LA-7722 (MPC5xx+MPC8xx)
PowerPC-COP Debug Probe IDC16P PowerPC LA-7734 (MPC51xx+MPC52xx), LA-7721 (MPC60x+MPC75x), LA-7719 (MPC74xx), LA-7729 (MPC82xx+MPC83xx), LA-3796 (MPC85xx+QorIQ-e500), LA-3735 (MPC86xx), LA-3795 (QorIQ-e500mc), LA-3794 (QorIQ64)
PowerPC-4xx Debug Probe IDC16X PowerPC, MicroBlaze, eSi-RISC LA-3730 (MicroBlaze), LA-7723 (PPC40x), LA-7752 (PPC44x), LA-2755 (eSi-RISC)
NIOS Debug Probe IDC10N Nios®II, AVR32, AVR8, Arm®/Cortex® LA-7837 (NIOSII), LA-3779 (AVR32), LA-2704 (AVR8)
ColdFire Debug Probe HS IDC26F ColdFire LA-3757 (Coldfire)
M68K Debug Probe IDC10F M68K, 68HC16 LA-7710 (M68K), LA-7712 (HC16)
MCS12Z Debug Probe IDC06F 68HC12, ColdFire LA-3748 (MCS12Z), LA-3746 (Coldfire-V1)
68HC11 Debug Probe IDC10E 68HC11
MIPS Debug Probe IDC14M MIPS, i8051, ARC, Arm®/Cortex®, CEVA-Teak, Xtensa® LA-7760 (MIPS32), LA-7761 (MIPS64), LA-7848 (M8051EW)
OCDS Bi-Dir Debug Probe IDC16B C166, i8051, TriCore™/AURIX™ LA-7755 (C166), LA-7759 (C166SV2), LA-3732 (XC800)
M8051EW Debug Probe IDC16W i8051 LA-7849 (M8051EW)
MSP430 Debug Probe IDC14S MSP430 LA-3713 (MSP430)
SH Debug Probe IDC14H SuperH, Renesas-H8 LA-7766 (H8S), LA-3745 (H8SX), LA-7758 (SH2+SH3+SH4)
RX Debug Probe IDC14K Renesas-RX LA-3786 (RX)
QuadProbe MIPI60C Intel®/x86, APS, ARC, CEVA-Teak, Nios®II, Xtensa®, ZSP, i8051 LA-4616 (generic)
AUTO26 Debug Probe V3 AUTO26 TriCore™/AURIX™, PowerPC, RH850, dsPIC, RISC-V, ARC, Xtensa®, i8051
IDC20A Debug Probe V5 IDC20A Arm®/Cortex®, RISC-V, ARC, AndeStar, Beyond, C2000, C5000, C6000, C7000, CEVA-Teak, CEVA-X, Hexagon, META, Mico32, Nios®II, STM8, STRED, StarCore, SuperH, Ubicom32, Xtensa®, ZSP, i8051, 78K, 68HC11, APEX, APS, ARP32, AVR8, C166, MIPS, MicroBlaze, PRU, RH850, SDMA, VSPA
CombiProbe 2 MIPI20T, MIPI34, MIPI60C, AUTO26,... Intel®/x86, Arm®/Cortex®, TriCore™/AURIX™, RISC-V, dsPIC, MIPS, APS, ARC, ARP32, C166, C2000, C5000, C6000, C7000, CEVA-Teak, CEVA-X, Hexagon, META, Nios®II, PRU, SDMA, STRED, Xtensa®, ZSP, i8051
Blackfin Debug Probe IDC14B Blackfin® LA-7833