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Debugger Cortex-M (Armv6/7/8) IDC20A (PACK) IN PRODUCT CATALOG

Supports Arm Cortex-M cores and SecurCore SC000/SC300 trace support ETM Cortex-M via ETB included GTM and IPU debugging included IDC20A debug cable supports 5-pin standard JTAG, cJTAG and Serial Wire Debug Port, (0.4V - 5V) Includes software for Windows, Linux and macOS cJTAG and SWD require PowerDebug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0, PowerDebug Ethernet, PowerTrace, PowerDebug II PowerDebug PRO, PowerDebug E40 or PowerDebug X50

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Our CombiProbe 2 is a compact debug and trace system that provides our full feature set to embedded systems with compact trace ports of up to 4 bits wide.

µTrace® is a cost-effective, but powerful, all-in-one debug and trace solution for Arm® Cortex-M microcontrollers and for debugging 32-bit RISC V cores.

The IDC20A Debug Probe provides maximum flexibility. It is featuring the most common pin-out in the embedded market with a wide input voltage range.

C2000 Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Using our debugger you can debug and control any C28x core - along with all of the other Arm cores and CLA coprocessors - all at the same time.

Multicore Debugging & Tracing IN FEATURES & USE CASES

Our debug and trace tools support both SMP systems (Symmetric Multiprocessing) and AMP systems (Asymmetric Multiprocessing).

1 User Fl. Lic. Tessent Cortex-M Back-End IN PRODUCT CATALOG

License for debugging the Cortex-M architecture (Armv6/7/8 32-bit) via Tessent Embedded Analytics (former UltraSoC) USB Debug for Windows and Linux requires TRACE32 software R.2020.09 The TRACE32 software must be specially adapted from Lauterbach for each chip. Please contact the Lauterbach development departement before ordering. floating license via RLM (Reprise License Manager) Please add the RLM HostID of the license server to your order (please see our FAQ)

Trace Probes IN PRODUCTS

Our trace probes support trace connectors, pinouts, and electrical needs for various architectures and SoCs. We have the right probe to connect your target's trace port smoothly to the PowerTrace module.

c7000 Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Benefit from our leading edge development tools to analyze any complex chip integrating Arm Cortex-A-, Arm Cortex-R- and C6x cores with C7x DSP cores.