Preproc. for ARM-ETM/HSSTP HF-Flex


Preproc. for ARM-ETM/HSSTP HF-Flex

Product number: LA-7988
Out of production

Serial preprocessor for ARM-ETM with HSSTP

Connector cable and software

Supported maximum speed per lane:
4 lanes @ 5.00Gbps
3 lanes @ 6.25Gbps
2 lanes @ 6.25Gbps
1 lane @ 6.25Gbps

Support ETMv1.x, ETMv3.x, ETMv4,
all versions of CoreSight-ETM and
Marvell's SETM

Requires PowerTrace II / III

voltage range 0.15V to 1.2V

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.
Superseded by LA-3309 Trace for Arm-ETM via Serial PrePro (PACK)