Debugger for MicroBlaze IDC20A (PACK)


Debugger for MicroBlaze IDC20A (PACK)

Product number: LA-3260

IDC20A debug cable with 20 pin connector
to support AMD MicroBlaze™ cores.

Includes TRACE32 software for Windows, Linux and macOS
on DVD or via download.

Requires PowerDebug module.

You may want to add one the following converters:

LA-3881 Converter IDC20A to XILINX-14
if a 14-pin Xilinx connector is used

LA-3860 Converter IDC20A to PPC4xx-16
if a 16-pin PPC4xx connector is used

For MicroBlaze™ V you require a RISC-V probe instead (LA-3200
or LA-3201).