Debugger for MPC5xxx AUTO26 (PACK)


Debugger for MPC5xxx AUTO26 (PACK)

Product number: LA-3206

Supports Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx (e200 cores)
and Freescale PX SERIES processors.
eTPU, GTM and SPT debugging included.

Concurrent debugging of multiple e200 cores on
multicore processors requires a
License for Multicore Debugging (LA-7960X)
(not necessary for lockstep mode).

Includes software for Windows, Linux and macOS.

PowerDebug E40/X50, PowerDebug II or PRO,
PowerDebug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0,
PowerDebug Ethernet, PowerTrace Ethernet.

Includes LA-3873 (Conv. AUTO26 to JTAG14 OnCE)

Voltage range 0.9V to 5.5V