Conv. AUTO-26/OnCE14-PPC/JTAG16-TC to ECU14


Conv. AUTO-26/OnCE14-PPC/JTAG16-TC to ECU14

Product number: LA-3843

Converter 26-pin Automotive Debug Cable
to 10-pin JTAG half-size (Automotive, ECU14)

LA-3203 (Debugger for TriCore AUTO26 (PACK))
LA-3205 (Debugger for RH850/V850 AUTO26 (PACK))
LA-3206 (Debugger for MPC5xxx AUTO26 (PACK))

LA-2707 (Debugger for TriCore Automotive PRO)
LA-2708 (Debugger for MPC5xxx Automotive PRO)
LA-2709 (Debugger for RH850/V850 Automotive PRO)
LA-2713 (Debug-Bundle MPC5xxx/TriCore Automotive PRO)
LA-2714 (Debug-Bundle TriCore/RH850 Automotive PRO)

LA-3736 (JTAG Debugger for MPC5xxx Automotive)
LA-3737 (JTAG Debugger for TriCore Automotive)
LA-3738 (Debugger-Bundle MPC5xxx/TriCore Automotive)
LA-3739 (Debugger for RH850/V850 Automotive)
LA-3753 (Debugger-Bundle TriCore/RH850 Automotive)

Converter 14-pin OnCE-PPC to
10-pin JTAG half-size (Automotive, ECU14)
for LA-7753 (JTAG Debugger for MPC55xx/MPC56xx)

Converter 16-pin TriCore to
10-pin JTAG half-size (Automotive, ECU14)
also supporting DAP (2-wire)
for LA-7756 (OCDS Debugger for TriCore)

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