RH850 Debugger & Trace


Any RH850 Core in Any Chip

Control and trace the RH850 cores in your chip using a single Lauterbach debugger. Choose from any of the Renesas RH850 family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) found in many advanced automotive applications. From very low power single-core chips up to high performance multicore chips, your RH850 application can be improved using Lauterbach Trace32 Debug Tools.

Whichever method you use to communicate with your device, TRACE32 can support it. Debug the RH850 over JTAG, LPD4, or LPD1; program using CSI, or UART, even when sharing those ports with calibration tools like ETKx from ETAS. Watch your program execute via onchip-trace, parallel-trace, Aurora trace, or LPD4 (including SFT). Program either external or internal flash directly from the debug environment to streamline your development process.

Supported Sub-Architectures

RH850, V850


Unleash the Power of Your RH850

Explore and utilize all the powerful and well-known features of your RH850 core with Lauterbach TRACE32: full on-chip breakpoint support; run-time memory access; flash programming; benchmark counters; and cache view. And of course, everything is scriptable, enabling you to repeat the same test-sequence over and over.

Learn more about our debug system 
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Select the communication you prefer

Debug of all RH850 SoCs designs in the market, using any debug protocol. TRACE32 supports all debug communication protocols for RH850.

Program your flash to your need

Use programming of any flash area: boot flash, code flash, data flash, option storage, and other custom areas. TRACE32 includes utilities to perform all these tasks.

Tame the multicore environment

Debug all your RH850 cores and non-RH850 cores at the same time. Handle each SMP cluster from one GUI each. Control any GUI from any other with our Intercom protocol.

Access the features of your operating system

Debug AUTOSAR and others. TRACE32 can query and display all OS objects such as threads, message queues, etc. Automatically load proper symbols for the current task, even with randomized memory allocation.


Capture Your Core’s Actions

Expand the already powerful TRACE32 stop mode debugging with trace. Explore issues as they occur in real time. Record the actual flow of the program to uncover points of conflict. Halt a program when an error occurs, and inspect each instruction that led to that point, in the order they occurred. Our PowerView debug software supports both the space-efficient onchip trace and the more powerful off-chip trace (parallel-Nexus or Aurora serial trace).

Learn more about our trace system  

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Maximize your capabilities using off-chip trace

RH850 cores which provide both program and data trace via Nexus messages. TRACE32 allows you to filter the trace to watch only chosen functions, to focus on specific variables, or to increase the run-time of the recording.

Save space with on-chip trace

Remove the need to dedicate outputs and connector space just to capture trace. The RH850 on-chip trace supports all the features of a powerful off-chip trace.

Debug communications between chips

Watch over interaction between main cores and ICUM core.

Instrumented Software (SFT) Trace via LPD4 support

No trace module needed. Only a debug module needed. Enables small trace features for chips which do not have built-in trace capabilities.

Expanded on-chip trace

Overcome the memory limitations of your small on-chip trace with TRACE32´s LeashStream recording mode, which automatically glues together many on-chip recordings to an endless virtual trace buffer. Supports all the features of a powerful off-chip trace using only the on-chip buffers.

Obtain detailed runtime information

Our trace solutions can record the complete program flow, provided by the SoCs ARC Trace (RTT) IP. Based on the data recorded, our tools provide you with detailed timing and code-coverage measurements. This works best with the deep memory of our PowerTrace modules.

Observe the entire design via multicore tracing

Record the execution of several cores working together. TRACE32 allows you to inspect the interaction of the cores in a single trace log.


Get Ready Before Your Silicon is

Start software development on virtual prototypes and simulators, using the same TRACE32 GUI and toolset that you would use later with the real chip. Verify the debug interface of your individual RH850 chip before starting the taping out.

Debug Synopsys Virtualizer Models

Connect TRACE32 directly to via MCD Interface of your Virtualizer. Perfect for early development with an accurate processor model for all RH850 cores.

Multi-core debug API

Debug RH850 cores on any virtual prototyping platform supporting the standardized MCD API, like Synopsys Virtualizer.

Perfect module and regression tests

Prepare your test environment using TRACE32´s Instruction Set Simulator. Customize the simulator with the peripheral models of your own hardware.

Test your debug solutions

Connect to your target via GDB to verify it’s responses. Communicate over Ethernet, RS232, or other protocols to your devices gdbserver or gdbstub.


3rd Party Tools Supported for RH850

Target OS (6)
EB tresos AutoCore OS
EB tresos Safety OS
Compiler (5)
C, C++
C, C++
C, C++
Simulators, Emulators and Virtual Targets (6)
VLAB Works

The following features are available for all architectures supported by TRACE32. Please contact us if your device or tool is not listed here; support is often already on its way.

Host OS

Our debug software runs on all major operating systems.

Flash Devices

We support the programming of a large variety of flash devices. NOR, NAND, SPI, QSPI, EMMC and more.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrations allow you to easily use TRACE32 with other tools.