Preproc. RH850 HSTP HF-Flex


Preproc. RH850 HSTP HF-Flex

Product number: LA-3943
Not recommended for new projects

Preprocessor for RH850 with
serial Nexus trace interface

including Samtec 40-pin flex extension cable

requires PowerTrace II

Supported speeds per lane:
4 lanes at 4.25Gbps
3 lanes at 6.0Gbps
2 lanes at 6.25Gbps
1 lane at 6.25Gbps

LA-3303 PowerTrace Serial 4 GigaByte RH850
Supports 8 lanes at 12.5Gbps

voltage range 0.15V to 1.25V

Use this product in existing projects only. For new projects please order the superseded product.
Superseded by LA-3303 Trace for RH850 via PT-Serial 4GB (PACK)
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