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With over 40 years of real-time embedded design experience, the engineering team at Lauterbach are there to help you get the most from the tools: timely support, processor expertise, rapid support for new processors, and lifetime product support.

Trainings in Italy IN SUPPORT & TRAINING

Information on our trainings in Italy can be found here

Ensure Perfect Recordings for High-Speed Parallel Trace Ports.

Basic Debugging for Individuals IN SUPPORT & TRAINING

Agenda and schedules for our training: Basic Debugging for Individuals in Germany

Our CombiProbe 2 is a compact debug and trace system that provides our full feature set to embedded systems with compact trace ports of up to 4 bits wide.

Agenda for training: Advanced debugging and tracing Arm Cortex in Italy

Agenda for training: Advanced debugging and tracing TriCore Aurix in Italy


Agenda for our training Script Language PRACTICE in Italy

In this course you will learn advanced features for test automation with the script language PRACTICE. The TRACE32® solution for trace-based code coverage and the TQSK tool qualification kit will complete the training program.

Agenda for our training: Basic debugging single-core and multi-core systems in Italy