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µTrace® is a cost-effective, but powerful, all-in-one debug and trace solution for Arm® Cortex-M microcontrollers and for debugging 32-bit RISC V cores.

TriCore Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

TriCore has become the de-facto processor for modern automotive systems. We offer a number of debug and trace solutions for all TriCore devices.

Our Instruction Set Simulator is the perfect complement to our debug tools. It provides the same look and feel as a real debugger connected to a real target.


We provide a complete suite of tools for all Arm®-based microprocessors. All of these allow you to get the best out of your Arm® based embedded design.

The TRACE32® PowerView software is our central front end for all your debug and trace activities, no matter which hardware modules or software-only solutions and irrespective of which targets you use.

Why Lauterbach IN COMPANY

Lauterbach is a trusted partner at the side of the world's leading technology companies, enabling their innovations for a smarter, more sustainable world. 

The IDC20A Debug Probe provides maximum flexibility. It is featuring the most common pin-out in the embedded market with a wide input voltage range.


Smarter Products are a part of all our lives and we at Lauterbach support you in bringing your ideas to life – faster, reliable and successful.

PowerDebug is a powerful, modular, flexible debug system that provides the broadest coverage of supported chips and core architectures in the embedded industry.

PowerTrace Serial trace modules cover all high-speed serial trace ports up to the highest lane count and fastest bit rate available in the embedded industry.