PowerIntegrator Logic Analyzer


PowerIntegrator Logic Analyzer

Product number: LA-7940
Not recommended for new projects

State-Timing Analyzer to record digital or analog signal
via suitable probes.

Records up to 204 (102) Channels,
200 (400) MHz State, 250 (500) MHz Timing,
Transient Recording, 8 MB sample memory,
512 KFrames, 48 Bit Time-Stamp,
Trigger Filter, Trigger Delay, etc.

This is an extension that attaches to an existing PowerDebug module.

Available probes:
LA-7945 Standard Probe (17 digital single-ended signals)
LA-7944 Mictor Probe (34 digital single-ended signals)
LA-7946 Samtec Probe (34 digital single-ended signals)
LA-7947 Mictor Differential Probe (17 digital differential signals)
LA-7954 Mictor Probe with differential clock (32 se + 1 diff signals)
LA-7958 Samtec Probe with differential clock (32 se + 1 diff signals)
LA-7961 USB2 Probe
LA-7943 DigRF Probe Set
LA-7949 Analog Probe

Use this product in existing projects only. For new projects please order the superseded product.
Superseded by LA-2500 Mixed-Signal Probe CombiProbe2/MicroTrace/PT