Analog Probe for PowerIntegrator


Analog Probe for PowerIntegrator

Product number: LA-7949

Probe to record analog signals from a 20 pin IDC connector:
4 Channels 0..5 V 12 Bit Resolution,
3 Current Sense Channels,
Conversion Rate 625K Samples/Sec.

The probe requires one of the following modules.
PowerIntegrator (LA-7940), PowerIntegrator II (LA-3940/3941/3942),
PowerTrace II (LA-7692/7693/7694),
PowerTrace Serial (LA-3120/3520/3555/3560).
CombiProbe (LA-4502), CombiProbe 2 (LA-3060)
and MicroTrace (LA-3050).

For CombiProbe, CombiProbe 2 and MicroTrace
the converter LA-4508 is required.
For CombiProbe 2 and MicroTrace we recommend to use the
Mixed-Signal Probe (LA-2500) instead of this analog probe.

The probe is not suitable for
PowerTrace III (LA-2520/2521), PowerTrace II Lite (LA-3580/3581),
PowerTrace Serial 2 (LA-3121/3122).
For those devices, you can use the Mixed-Signal Probe (LA-2500)
instead (except for PowerTrace II Lite).

Includes a 20 pin male-male adaptor.

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