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TRACE32 Debug Features
Details and Configurations

RISC-V Debugger
Support for JTAG interface (JTAG Debug Transport Module)
Multicore debugging
Debug from reset vector or attach to target without altering its state
Run-control debugging via abstract commands and debug program buffer
Support RV32 and RV64 ISA
Support standard ISA extensions: compressed instructions, floating point, etc.
Flash programming
Easy high-level and assembler debugging
Unlimited number of software breakpoints
Onchip breakpoints on instructions and data (match control trigger)
Display of configuration registers and peripherals at a logical level
Target OS awareness
Script language and API interface
Support for BM-310, E20, E21, E24, E31, E34, E76, FU540-C000, N25, NX25, S51, S54, S76, SCR1, SCR3, U54, U74

Operation Voltage
Technical Support


RISC-V Ecosystem

Supported Compilers
Compiler Support


  • GCC (FSF)


Adaptation RISC-V Debugger


TRACE32 Debug Features

Multicore Debugging
  • Debugger for all cores of a multicore chip
  • Debugging of application cores, DSPs, accelerator cores and special-purpose cores
  • Debugging of more than 80 core architectures
  • Support for every multicore topology
  • Support for all multicore operation modes
  • Support for AMP and SMP systems
  • Single debug hardware can be licensed for all cores of a multicore chip

Logical Display of Peripherals
  • Display of onchip peripherals
  • User definable windows
  • Interactive window definition with softkey support
  • Pulldown menues for selection of choices
  • Additional description for each field

NOR FLASH Programming
  • Internal and/or external NOR FLASH memories
  • All common NOR FLASH types
  • Programming of multiple NOR FLASH devices
  • Provided by debuggers and in-circuit emulators

NAND FLASH Programming
  • Generic and CPU-specific NAND FLASH controllers
  • Support all common NAND FLASH devices
  • Bad block treatment (skipped, reserved block area)
  • ECC generation

OS-aware Debugging
  • Real-time, non-intrusive display of RTOS system resources
  • Task stack coverage
  • Task related breakpoints
  • Task context display
  • SMP support
  • Task related performance measurement
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
  • Task related evaluation of function run times
  • PRACTICE functions for OS data
  • Easy access via RTOS specific pull-down menus
  • Support for all major RTOSes

Sample-based Profiling
  • Long-time performance analysis for functions
  • Long-time performance analysis for tasks
  • Long-time analysis of the contents of a variable or memory location and more

Script Language PRACTICE
  • Structured Language
  • Menu Support
  • Command Logs
  • Custom Menues
  • Custom Toolbars and Buttons
  • Custom Dialog Windows
  • 64-Bit Arithmetic
  • Numeric, Logical and String Operators
  • Direct Access to System States


Details and Configurations

N25Andes Technology Corp.
NX25Andes Technology Corp.
E20SiFive Inc.
E21SiFive Inc.
E24SiFive Inc.
E31SiFive Inc.
E34SiFive Inc.
E76SiFive Inc.
S51SiFive Inc.
S54SiFive Inc.
S76SiFive Inc.
FU540-C000SiFive Inc.
U54SiFive Inc.
U74SiFive Inc.

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