Converter SiFive PIB for PMOD


Converter SiFive PIB for PMOD

Product number: LA-2780

Converter SiFive PIB for PMOD to ribbon cable.

PIB stands for "Probe Interface Block", which is an external
parallel trace interface specified by SiFive for RISC-V trace.

Use this converter togehter with
LA-2730 (Converter MIPI-20T to IDC20A) and
LA-3080 (CombiProbe 2 for MIPI20T-HS (PACK))
to receive RISC-V trace from a PMOD connector via a CombiProbe.

This converter adapts from SiFive's 2x6 PMOD pin layout for PIB to
the Lauterbach 10pin (2x5) ribbon cable.
The other side of the 10pin ribbon cable is usally conntected to
the Lauterbach converter LA-2730 (MIPI-20T to IDC20A).

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