RH850 Debugger

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RH850 Debugger
Interface to all compilers in C and C++
Unlimited number of software breakpoints
Full support for all on-chip breakpoints and trigger features
FLASH programming
SFT-trace via LPD4 support
On-chip and off-chip trace support
Statistical performance analysis
Non intrusive trace based performance analysis
Support for
 R7F701002, R7F701003, R7F701006, R7F701007, R7F701008, R7F701009, R7F701010, R7F701011, R7F701012, R7F701013, R7F701014, R7F701015, R7F701016, R7F701017, R7F701018, R7F701019, R7F701020, R7F701021, R7F701022, R7F701023, R7F701024, R7F701025, R7F701026, R7F701027, R7F701028, R7F701029, R7F701030, R7F701031, R7F701032, R7F701033, R7F701034, R7F701035, R7F701040, R7F701041, R7F701042, R7F701043, R7F701044, R7F701045, R7F701046, R7F701047, R7F701048, R7F701049, R7F701050, R7F701051, R7F701052, R7F701053,
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Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support
Flyer: Multicore Debug and Trace for RH850



Adaptation for RH850

Half-Size Adapters for Debuggers
  • 100 mil to 50 mil Adapters
  • Small Footprint for Target Connector


RH850 Ecosystem

Supported Compilers
Compiler Support


  • VX-RH850 (TASKING)


  • ICCRH850 (IAR)
  • ELF
RTOS Support
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Tool Integration

More TRACE32 Tools for RH850

Debugging of Virtual Targets
  • Front-end to third-party virtual targets
  • Front-end to third-party core simulators
  • Front-end to third-party target servers
  • Front-end to TRACE32 Back-End
  • Same GUI as TRACE32 hardware debuggers
  • Debug features as provided by third-party software/TRACE32 Back-End
  • Trace features as provided by third-party software/TRACE32 Back-End
  • Windows, Linux and MacOSX
  • Reprise RLM floating licenses

Off-chip Parallel Trace
  • Program flow via Branch Trace Messages (BTM)
  • Data Trace Messaging supported (DTM)
  • Supports onchip peripheral block tracing
  • Multicore tracing
  • Trace-based debugging
  • Full support for trigger and filter features
  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • 5 ns off-chip time stamp
  • Comprehensive program profiling
  • Target-OS aware profiling
  • Code coverage

Off-chip Serial Trace via Serial Preprocessor
  • Aurora NEXUS high-speed serial trace
  • Program flow via Branch Trace Messages (BTM)
  • Data Trace Messaging supported (DTM)
  • Supports onchip peripheral block tracing
  • Multicore tracing
  • Comprehensive program profiling
  • Target-OS aware profiling
  • Code coverage

Off-chip Serial Trace via PowerTrace Serial
  • 4 GByte trace memory
  • Universal module that is prelicensed for a trace protocol on delivery
  • Additional trace protocol licenses can be added
  • Up to 12.5 Gbit/s per channel
  • Maximum bandwidth of 100 GBit/s
  • Aurora-based trace protocols up to 8 RX lanes
  • PCIe 3.0-based trace protocol up to 8 RX/TX lanes
  • Reference-clock and bit-clock support
  • Fast trace upload to the host computer
  • Support for TRACE32 Streaming up to 180 MByte/s, compression allows higher data rates to be achieved
  • PODBUS Express interface to PowerDebug PRO
  • PODBUS and PODBUS Express interfaces to Logic Analyzer modules, e.g. PowerProbe, PowerIntegrator
  • Additional independent 17 channel logic analyzer (with included Standard Probe)


TRACE32 Debug Features

Multicore Debugging
  • Debugger for all cores of a multicore chip
  • Debugging of application cores, DSPs, accelerator cores and special-purpose cores
  • Debugging of more than 80 core architectures
  • Support for every multicore topology
  • Support for all multicore operation modes
  • Support for AMP and SMP systems
  • Single debug hardware can be licensed for all cores of a multicore chip

Logical Display of Peripherals
  • Display of onchip peripherals
  • User definable windows
  • Interactive window definition with softkey support
  • Pulldown menues for selection of choices
  • Additional description for each field

High-Level-Language Debugging
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Full support for C++
  • Integrated into TRACE32 environment
  • Supports most compilers and hosts
  • Same user interface on different hosts
  • High speed download
  • Debugs optimized code
  • Display of function nesting
  • Display of linked lists
  • Powerful expression evaluation

OS-aware Debugging
  • Real-time, non-intrusive display of RTOS system resources
  • Task stack coverage
  • Task related breakpoints
  • Task context display
  • SMP support
  • Task related performance measurement
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
  • Task related evaluation of function run times
  • PRACTICE functions for OS data
  • Easy access via RTOS specific pull-down menus
  • Support for all major RTOSes

  • Samples memory while application is running
  • Support for special debug communication channels
  • All trace display and analysis functions can be used
  • Trigger on specific values
  • Dynamic performance analysis

Sample-based Profiling
  • Long-time performance analysis for functions
  • Long-time performance analysis for tasks
  • Long-time analysis of the contents of a variable or memory location and more

Script Language PRACTICE
  • Structured Language
  • Menu Support
  • Command Logs
  • Custom Menues
  • Custom Toolbars and Buttons
  • Custom Dialog Windows
  • 64-Bit Arithmetic
  • Numeric, Logical and String Operators
  • Direct Access to System States


Details and Configurations

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