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QorIQ PowerPC Debugger
Extensive C++ support
Flash programming
Sophisticated cache debugging
Full support for MMU
Floating Point debugging support
Target OS-aware debugging
OnChip Trace supported
AMP and SMP debugging supported
Multicore debugging license included
QorIQ 32 Bit: supports all processors with e500mc cores
QorIQ 64 Bit: supports all processors with e5500/e6500 cores
Support for B4220, B4420, B4460, B4860, G4860, P2040, P2041, P3040, P3041, P4040, P4080, P4081, P5010, P5020, P5021, P5040, T1013, T1014, T1020, T1022, T1023, T1024, T1040, T1042, T2040, T2080, T2081, T4080, T4160, T4240

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TRACE32 Debug Features

Multicore Debugging
  • Debugger for all cores of a multicore chip
  • Debugging of application cores, DSPs, accelerator cores and special-purpose cores
  • Debugging of more than 80 core architectures
  • Support for every multicore topology
  • Support for all multicore operation modes
  • Support for AMP and SMP systems
  • Single debug hardware can be licensed for all cores of a multicore chip

MMU Support
  • Full integrated support of processor's MMU
  • Display of processor MMU registers
  • Display of MMU table entries
  • Display of address translation table
  • 'Shadowing' MMU address translation inside debugger
  • Full virtual and physical access to target at any time
  • Debugger has optionally write access to write protected memory areas
  • Detection and decoding of software MMU tables built by operating systems
  • Support for several user space MMU tables side by side
  • TLB context tracking and git statistics via CTS

TRACE32 Integration to Wind River Workbench
  • Requires a Wind River Workbench version 4.x.
  • Based on Target Communication Framework (TCF)
  • TRACE32 operates as TCF agent
  • Support for various launch mechanisms
  • Support for all debug relevant TCF services
  • Synchronize debugging between TRACE32 and TCF C/C++ Debugger in Wind River Workbench
  • Support for multiple projects (multicore)
  • Applicable for all TRACE32 tools
  • Applicable for all processor architectures supported by TRACE32
  • Applicable for all compilers supported by TRACE32

OS-aware Debugging
  • Real-time, non-intrusive display of RTOS system resources
  • Task stack coverage
  • Task related breakpoints
  • Task context display
  • SMP support
  • Task related performance measurement
  • Statistic evaluation and graphic display of task run times
  • Task related evaluation of function run times
  • PRACTICE functions for OS data
  • Easy access via RTOS specific pull-down menus
  • Support for all major RTOSes

Hypervisor-aware Debugging
  • Seamless debugging of the total system in stop-mode
  • Hypervisor-awareness as a loadable debug extension is provided by Lauterbach
  • Machine ID allows the user to uniquely identify any virtual machine in the system
  • Machine ID provides full visibility of context of active and inactive virtual machines
  • OS-awareness can be loaded for each virtual machine


Trace Extension

QorIQ PowerPC NEXUS Aurora Trace Port
  • High-speed serial trace
  • Program flow via Branch Trace Messages (BTM)
  • Information on current task via Ownership Trace Messages (OTM)
  • Supports onchip peripheral block tracing
  • Supports timestamps generated by NEXUS clients as well as TRACE32 generated timestamps
  • Multicore tracing
  • Comprehensive program profiling
  • Target-OS aware profiling
  • Code coverage


Debug Connector

Adaptation JTAG Debugger for QorIQ PowerPC 32/64 Bit (ICD)


Details and Configurations

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