PowerQUICC II/Pro Debugger

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Debug Connector
Details and Configurations

PowerQUICC II/Pro Debugger
Extensive C++ Support
Flash Programming
Sophisticated Cache Debugging
Full support for MMU
Many RTOS supported
Fast download (ETHERNET, PARALLEL or USB) through JTAG with PowerDebug Module
Direct High-Speed Ethernet Download to Target System
Support for
 MPC8240, MPC8241, MPC8245, MPC8247, MPC8248, MPC8250, MPC8255, MPC8255A, MPC8260, MPC8260A, MPC8264, MPC8264A, MPC8265, MPC8265A, MPC8266, MPC8266A, MPC8270, MPC8271, MPC8272, MPC8275, MPC8280, MPC8306, MPC8308, MPC8309, MPC8311, MPC8313, MPC8314, MPC8315, MPC8321, MPC8323, MPC8343, MPC8347, MPC8349, MPC8358, MPC8360, MPC8377, MPC8378, MPC8379, PC8240, PC8245, PC8260A, PC8265A, PC8270, PC8280, PC8349, PC8378, PC8379

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Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support
LIGHTSPEED Differential Download Technology

Demo Software for Download

High-Speed Download

  • Up to 3200 KByte/sec through JTAG interface for MPC83XX, PQ2 PRO
  • Up to 250 KByte/sec through JTAG interface for MPC82XX
  • Up to 10 MByte/sec through Ethernet directly


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

TRACE32 Integration to Wind River Workbench
  • Requires a Wind River Workbench version 4.x.
  • Based on Target Communication Framework (TCF)
  • TRACE32 operates as TCF agent
  • Support for various launch mechanisms
  • Support for all debug relevant TCF services
  • Synchronize debugging between TRACE32 and TCF C/C++ Debugger in Wind River Workbench
  • Support for multiple projects (multicore)
  • Applicable for all TRACE32 tools
  • Applicable for all processor architectures supported by TRACE32
  • Applicable for all compilers supported by TRACE32

PowerIntegrator - Logic and Bus Analyzer
  • Timing Analyzer with 500 MHz on all Channels
  • State Analyzer up to 200 MHz DDR
  • 204 Input Channels
  • Transient Recording
  • Time Correlation with other Tracetools
  • Clock Qualifier for State Clock
  • Mixed State and Timing Mode
  • 4 Clock Inputs
  • MICTOR and Standard Probes (single ended)
  • MICTOR differential Probes
  • Analog Voltage and Current Probe
  • 3G/DigRF Protocol Support


Debug Connector

JTAG Connector


Details and Configurations

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