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IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Trace Extension
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PPC440 Debugger
Full HLL and ASM support available
Batch processing
Supports ELF/DWARF format
3.3 Volt support
Support for internal triggers
Break on code or data
Unlimited software breakpoints
Fast download (ETHERNET or PARALLEL) up to 1000KB/sec
Support for ACP3448, APM86190, APM86190B, APM86290, APM86290B, APM86491, APM86692, PPC440, PPC440Axx, PPC440EP, PPC440EPX, PPC440GP, PPC440GR, PPC440GRX, PPC440GX, PPC440Gxx, PPC440SP, PPC440SPE, PPC460EX, PPC460GT, PPC460SX, PPC476FPE
The debugger for IBM PowerPC 440 family allows fast access to the BDM interface of the chip. Up to 1 MByte can be downloaded in 1 second. The systems supports C, C++ and JAVA.

Link Volt
Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support
[www.amcc.com]  AMCC Embedded Processors
[www-01.ibm.com]  IBM PPC440 Cores

Demo Software for Download


IDE - Integrated Development Environment

TRACE32 Integration to Wind River Workbench
  • Requires a Wind River Workbench version 4.x.
  • Based on Target Communication Framework (TCF)
  • TRACE32 operates as TCF agent
  • Support for various launch mechanisms
  • Support for all debug relevant TCF services
  • Synchronize debugging between TRACE32 and TCF C/C++ Debugger in Wind River Workbench
  • Support for multiple projects (multicore)
  • Applicable for all TRACE32 tools
  • Applicable for all processor architectures supported by TRACE32
  • Applicable for all compilers supported by TRACE32


Trace Extension

PowerPC 400 Trace
  • 100/200 MHz Trace Bus Operation
  • Up to 400 (800) MHz Core Clock
  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • 16...256 MFrames
  • Code Coverage
  • Performance Analysis



Debug and Trace Connector for PowerPC440

Half-Size Adapters for Debuggers
  • 100 mil to 50 mil Adapters
  • Small Footprint for Target Connector


Details and Configurations

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