Basic Debugging for Groups

Fundamental Debugging Everybody Needs

You will learn using TRACE32 from scratch then accelerating and reaching intermediate level. The 1st step will be to get an overview how TRACE32 HW is configured to match the requirements of your projects. Looking for the available features of the used chip types and matching tool solutions. After this we are focusing on the setup of the TRACE32 SW - e.g. for SMP or AMP debugging.. Then you learn about the GUI and command set as well as the PDF documentation and usage of the help system. After this you will see the handling: Loading the application, checking and changing registers, memory and variables. 

An important topic are the different breakpoints: Onchip, Software, Markers and advanced/conditional breakpoints. Depending on the interests of the audience we are covering different intermediate topics: tracing, code-coverage, RTOS, remote control (e.g. via Python) and scripting.

Languages: English & German
Location: Online / On-Site
Level: Starter & Intermediate
Duration: 6 hours

Available on Request



  • Introduction into Lauterbach Hardware
  • License Model
  • Configuration File built with TRACE32® Start
  • Setup your Debug Session
  • Onchip Flash Programming (Flash Handler)
  • Breakpoints
    User Interface, Modify Menu- and Tool Bar, Command Structure & built-in Help System, Registers, Peripheral Registers, Memory Access


  • Breakpoints
    Software Breakpoints, Onchip Breakpoints (all options)
  • SMP Concept
    SMP Debugging, Comparison to AMP


  • High Level Language Debugging
    Load the Application Program, Symbol Data Base, Display Variables, Variable Monitoring, Variable Logging
  • Isolated Function Test
  • Debugging of Optimized Code
  • Sample based Profiling


  • Script Language Practice
    Introduction into Practice Language Use, Elements, Flow Control, Create and Debug a Script, Parameter Passing, Host OS Interaction, UI I/O Commands, Event Control, Dialog Programming, Designing Robust Practice Scripts

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Basic Debugging for Groups

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