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With over 40 years of real-time embedded design experience, the engineering team at Lauterbach are there to help you get the most from the tools: timely support, processor expertise, rapid support for new processors, and lifetime product support.

"Available for Groups See agenda Linux-aware Debugging Available for Groups only See Agenda Tracing for Arm/Cortex..."

Intel Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Analyze Intel® SoC designs with both the x86 and other Instruction Sets, from a single core Intel® Quark™ to multicore Core™ or Xeon™ application processors.

"Using our TRACE32® tools you can debug and control any x86 core (along with all of the other cores like..." "Arm® Cortex™, Arc™, Xtensa™ and even 8051) in any SoC via a single debug interface, all at the same..." "Debug Multi-Architecture Intel SoCs Debug all your x86 cores and/or non-x86 cores at the same time with..." "Besides x86 we support Arm® Cortex, Arc®, Xtensa®, 8051 and other cores in symmetric (SMP including hy-perthreading..." "Which Intel core do you want to use?..."

PowerTrace supports you in bringing your embedded designs to market faster and more reliably than ever, while creating a safer and more stable product.

"For low-speed CPUs or Arm Cortex-M cores we provide two compact and cost-effective debug and trace alternatives..." "It is primarily used in Arm processors, but also with Hexagon, Ceva-X and Teak cores...." "designed for Arm's CoreSight debug and trace infrastructure it allows today the simulations tracing of Arm Cortex..." "It is also used to gather real-time trace information of RISC-V cores...." "Infineon Multi-Core Debug Solution The Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) is an on-chip trigger and trace..."

PowerDebug X50 IN PRODUCTS

PowerDebug X50 is the most advanced debug tool created so far. Is the gateway to unlimited debug capabilities meeting your challenges today and in the future.

"Use a PowerDebug X50 , with an appropriately licensed Debug Probe, to simultaneously debug all the cores..." "If cores share an electrically compatible debug interface e.g., several heterogeneous cores in a complex..." "SoC, you can license one debug probe for several core types so that all cores can be debugged simultaneously..." "Cable Debug & System Trace Configuration It combines debug and trace, supporting the 4-bit ETM of a Cortex-M..." "Supported Architectures* Over 150 microprocessor architectures Over 150 microprocessor architectures Arm Cortex-M..."

Ensure Perfect Recordings for High-Speed Parallel Trace Ports.

"Get more Trace Information Out of Your Cores If the trace infrastructure on your target allows higher..." "AUTOFOCUS technology in real life Set Up Optimal Sampling Points for Arm Cortex-M Parallel Trace The..." "image shows the automatic adjustment of sampling points on an Arm Cortex-M7 based microcontroller...."

We support silicon IP solutions that enable full debug and trace functionality without limitations by using a USB connection between target and host computer.

"debugging of identical cores and cores of different architectures OS-aware debugging including Linux..." "Core trace and bus monitoring via USB stack Interfaces Supported USB Supported Architectures RISC-V..." "Xtensa Arm Cortex Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI) DbC Intel DCI DbC allows to debug Intel x86-Platforms..." "Features Stop-mode debugging via USB stack Multi-core debugging of identical cores (including hyperthreading..." "debugging of identical cores and cores of different architectures OS-aware debugging including Linux..."

Our Instruction Set Simulator is the perfect complement to our debug tools. It provides the same look and feel as a real debugger connected to a real target.

"Tool qualification is typically required in the context of safety-related projects where it is beneficial..." "Simulators for the Following Architectures Architecture ISS ISS TQSK Test Suite 68HC12 78K ARC Arm® / Cortex..."

Vendor: Arm Family: Cortex-R_Armv8
Vendor: Arm Family: Cortex-R_Armv7
Vendor: Arm Family: Cortex-M_Armv8M