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CombiProbe ARM-Debugger and 4-Bit Trace IN PRODUCT CATALOG
LA-4502 | Out of production

Debug cable and 128-MByte of trace memory Supports Standard-JTAG, cJTAG and Serial Wire Debug Port Bandwidth of 200 MBit/s per trace channel requires at least one of the following A-licenses: LA-7742A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM9 Add.) LA-7746A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM7 Add.) LA-7765A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM11 Add.) LA-7843A (JTAG Debugger License for CORTEX-A Add.) LA-7844A (JTAG Debugger License for CORTEX-M Add.) Trace support (up to 4-bit) included: - MIPI System Trace - ITM via Serial Wire Output/TPIU - ETM Cortex-M continuous mode via TPIU Supports the following trace licenses: LA-7970X (Trace License for the ARM Architecture) requires Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0, Power Debug Ethernet, PowerTrace, Power Debug II or Power Debug PRO 5V tolerant inputs; max. output level 3.3V