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Intel Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Analyze Intel® SoC designs with both the x86 and other Instruction Sets, from a single core Intel® Quark™ to multicore Core™ or Xeon™ application processors.

PowerDebug X50 IN PRODUCTS

PowerDebug X50 is the most advanced debug tool created so far. Is the gateway to unlimited debug capabilities meeting your challenges today and in the future.

Ensure Perfect Recordings for High-Speed Parallel Trace Ports.

We support silicon IP solutions that enable full debug and trace functionality without limitations by using a USB connection between target and host computer.

Our Instruction Set Simulator is the perfect complement to our debug tools. It provides the same look and feel as a real debugger connected to a real target.

Functional Safety & Code Quality IN FEATURES & USE CASES

Our Tool Qualification Support Kit minimizes your Debug- and Trace-Tool Qualification Efforts and Costs in Safety-related embedded Projects


Our TRACE32® tools support debugging and tracing of operating systems based on both AUTOSAR Classic Platform as well as AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. They also support various configurations for the concurrent debugging of both of them.

C6000 Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Use our tools to analyze any design, from a stand-alone single- or multi-core DSP to a complex chip integrating Arm CPUs, C7000, PRU, ARP32 with C6x DSP cores.


Our PowerTrace III trace module is the best trace tool available for parallel trace ports, letting you get the maximum data throughput out of your device.


APS - Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger and Trace Solutions