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PowerTrace supports you in bringing your embedded designs to market faster and more reliably than ever, while creating a safer and more stable product.

"For low-speed CPUs or Arm Cortex-M cores we provide two compact and cost-effective debug and trace alternatives..." "It is primarily used in Arm processors, but also with Hexagon, Ceva-X and Teak cores...." "designed for Arm's CoreSight debug and trace infrastructure it allows today the simulations tracing of Arm Cortex..." "It is also used to gather real-time trace information of RISC-V cores...." "Infineon Multi-Core Debug Solution The Multi-Core Debug Solution (MCDS) is an on-chip trigger and trace..."

Ensure Perfect Recordings for High-Speed Parallel Trace Ports.

"scripts for optimal hardware configuration including a trace port test...." "Get more Trace Information Out of Your Cores If the trace infrastructure on your target allows higher..." "is chosen that guarantees a stable clock signal; for the data channels, a threshold voltage is chosen..." "AUTOFOCUS technology in real life Set Up Optimal Sampling Points for Arm Cortex-M Parallel Trace The..." "image shows the automatic adjustment of sampling points on an Arm Cortex-M7 based microcontroller...."

We support silicon IP solutions that enable full debug and trace functionality without limitations by using a USB connection between target and host computer.

"via a on-chip communication infrastructure...." "The TRACE32® software implements two parts, a front end and a back end...." "debugging of identical cores and cores of different architectures OS-aware debugging including Linux..." "Xtensa Arm Cortex Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI) DbC Intel DCI DbC allows to debug Intel x86-Platforms..." "debugging of identical cores and cores of different architectures OS-aware debugging including Linux..."

Our Instruction Set Simulator is the perfect complement to our debug tools. It provides the same look and feel as a real debugger connected to a real target.

"It is a built-in feature of our TRACE32 PowerView software and is freely available to all owners of a..." "Integrated in TRACE32 PowerView, it provides the same look and feel as a real debugger connected to a..." "TRACE32 Simulator API to write a Peripheral Simulation Model (PSM)...." "Tool qualification is typically required in the context of safety-related projects where it is beneficial..." "Simulators for the Following Architectures Architecture ISS ISS TQSK Test Suite 68HC12 78K ARC Arm® / Cortex..."

Tool Qualification IN FEATURES & USE CASES

Our Tool Qualification Support Kit minimizes your Debug- and Trace-Tool Qualification Efforts and Costs in Safety-related embedded Projects

"we can offer you a solution based on our TQSK for that as well...." "This standard uses Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs A–D) to measure risk...." "Test Suite - Coverage Prequalified with the following chips / architectures: TI Hercules RM57Lx -Arm Cortex-R5NXP..." "MPC5777M - PowerPC MPC55xxInfineon Aurix TC297TF - TriCore TC27xST Microelectronics Stellar SR6P7G7 - Arm Cortex-R52NXP..." "After registering, you can download a personalized version of the TRACE32 TQSK...."

Our PowerTrace II Lite trace module for mid- and low-speed cores lets you record system behavior in real-time without influencing the system operation.

"Extension Our cost-effective PowerTrace II Lite trace module is well suited for mid- and low-speed cores..." "Use Any Available Trace Protocol Store data from multiple cores simultaneously in 1 GB of high-speed..." "Keep Up With Modern Multicore Devices Store data from multiple cores simultaneously in 1 GB of high-speed..." "Requires a suitable trace preprocessor or Nexus Adapter...." "Examples for PowerTrace II Lite Arm® Parallel Trace To investigate the dynamic code execution on your Arm Cortex..."


Our TRACE32® tools support debugging and tracing of operating systems based on both AUTOSAR Classic Platform as well as AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. They also support various configurations for the concurrent debugging of both of them.

"OVERVIEW Realize any kind of AUTOSAR aware debugging AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a..." "Debugging the AUTOSAR Classic Platform The AUTOSAR Classic platform uses a static operating system that..." "is based on the OSEK OS and has been extended by AUTOSAR to include a number of functionalities...." "A typical configuration can be seen in the picture on the right. What do ORTI and ARTI stand for?..." "Our TRACE32® software package supports AUTOSAR-compliant OSes for Arm® / Cortex®, MPC55xx, RH850 and..."


Smarter Products are a part of all our lives and we at Lauterbach support you in bringing your ideas to life – faster, reliable and successful.

"TRACE32 ICE was highly modular, making it possible to extend support, over the years, for up to 15 microprocessor..." "perfect fit for us because of the large number of core architectures that the Lauterbach debugger supports..." "supported architectures With the addition of support for Qualcomm`s Hexagon, TRACE32 reaches the 50th core..." "RISC cores, DSPs and softcores (such as NIOS II) were all supported at this time...." "190 See Google Map Link China - Beijing Lauterbach Technologies Co., Ltd Room 515..."


Using our tools you can debug and control any ARC core - along with all of the other cores - in a chip via a single debug interface, all at the same time.

"to a massive multicore application processor...." "Using our TRACE32® tools you can debug and control any ARC core (along with all of the other cores) in..." "Supported Sub-Architectures ARC-HS, ARC-EM, ARC-EV,ARC-VPX, ARC600/700, ARCtangent-A4/A5 DEBUG HIGHLIGHTS..." "Debug ARC Cores in Multi-Architecture SoCs Debug all your ARC cores and non-ARC cores at the same time..." "View all RELATED PRODUCTS TRACE32 Related Products for ARC 10 products(s) found Name A-Z Name Z-A 1 User..."


APS - Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger and Trace Solutions

"On a multicore-SoC, even with multiple architectures, you can debug cores concurrently, empowering you..." "to investigate multi-core interactions of your embedded application...." "world-class features, together with the powerful script language, which allows even the simultaneous control cores..." "chip TOOLCHAIN SUPPORT 3rd Party Tools Supported for APS Compiler (1) Product Company Language APS3C++ Cortus..." "View all RELATED PRODUCTS TRACE32 Related Products for APS 1 products(s) found Name A-Z Name Z-A JTAG..."