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Tracing for ARM/Cortex IN SUPPORT & TRAINING

Agenda for our training Tracing for ARM/Cortex in Germany

Vendor: Arm Family: Cortex-A_Armv7
Trace for C6000 via Serial Prepro. (PACK) IN PRODUCT CATALOG

Serial preprocessor for tracing C6000 cores via AURORA Includes Samtec 40-pin flex extension and software. Records up to 3 lanes with 6.25 Gbit/s per lane or 4 lane with 5.00 Gbit/s per lane. Voltage range: 0.15 to 1.25 differential Voltage. Requires PowerTrace II or PowerTrace III.

Agenda for training: Advanced debugging and tracing Arm Cortex in Italy

PowerDebug E40 IN PRODUCTS

PowerDebug E40 is a modern, high-performance, flexible debug tool that allows to seamlessly transition from one embedded target to another.


With over 40 years of real-time embedded design experience, the engineering team at Lauterbach are there to help you get the most from the tools: timely support, processor expertise, rapid support for new processors, and lifetime product support.

µTrace® is a cost-effective, but powerful, all-in-one debug and trace solution for Arm® Cortex-M microcontrollers and for debugging 32-bit RISC V cores.

Multicore Debugging & Tracing IN FEATURES & USE CASES

Our debug and trace tools support both SMP systems (Symmetric Multiprocessing) and AMP systems (Asymmetric Multiprocessing).


We provide a complete suite of tools for all Arm®-based microprocessors. All of these allow you to get the best out of your Arm® based embedded design.

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