JTAG Debugger Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx (ICD)


JTAG Debugger Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx (ICD)

Product number: LA-7753
Out of production

supports Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx (e200 cores)
and Freescale PX SERIES processors
eTPU, GTM and SPT debugging included

includes software for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

requires Power Debug Module

Concurrent debugging of multiple e200 cores on
multicore processors requires a
License for Multicore Debugging (LA-7960X)
(not necessary for lockstep mode)

debug cable with 14 pin connector

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.
Superseded by LA-3206 Debugger for MPC5xxx AUTO26 (PACK)
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