CombiProbe Intel x86/x64 MIPI34


CombiProbe Intel x86/x64 MIPI34

Product number: LA-4509
Out of production

Debug cable and 128-MByte of trace memory
for Intel x86/x64 processors with PTI/STP only

Since the CombiProbe Intel x86/x64 MIPI34 Whisker cable
does not have a serial termination, please contact our
technical support if you want to add a license for another
processor architecture

requires the following A-license:
LA-3776A (JTAG Debugger for Intel x86/x64)

requires Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0,
Power Debug Ethernet, PowerTrace, Power Debug II
or Power Debug PRO

5V tolerant inputs; max. output level 3.3V

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.
Superseded by LA-3085 CombiProbe 2 for Intel® MIPI60C (Short)(PACK)