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out of production
Debug cable and 512-MByte of trace memory
support for DAP Streaming

- DAP (DAP2, DAP3, DAPWide, DAP4): up to 160 MHz,
3.3 V or 5.0 V
- JTAG: 1.8-5.0 V, up to 60 MHz
DAP streaming requires a DAP mode. For performance reasons,
we recommend DAPWide at 160 MHz.

26-pin Automotive Connector

requires the following A-license:
LA-7756A (Debugger for TriCore Standard Additional)

trace analysis and display requires
LA-3799X (Trace License for TriCore ED)

requires Power Debug Interface USB 3.0,
Power Debug II or PowerDebug PRO

Consists of
LA-4572 CombiProbe 2 Hardware
LA-4553 AUTO26 Whisker for CombiProbe
LA-1947 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-10
LA-1948 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-20
LA-1949 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-26

Superseded by LA-3081 CombiProbe 2 for AUTO26 (PACK)

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