PowerTrace II

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Data Rates TRACE32 AutoFocus II Preprocessor
Data Rate TRACE32 Serial Preprocessor
Included Standard Probe

PowerTrace II
1, 2 or 4 GByte trace memory
Fast trace upload to the host computer
Maximum bandwidth of 19.2 GBit/s
Universal trace module, connect to target via TRACE32 AutoFocus II or TRACE32 Serial Preprocessor
Support for parallel trace ports with up to 32-bit
Support for serial trace ports up to 4 lanes
Support for TRACE32 Streaming up to 180 MByte/s, compression allows higher data rates to be achieved
Includes Standard Probe (17 digital channels)



PowerTrace II is an extension to the debug module TRACE32 PowerDebug PRO and offers a trace memory of up to 4 GByte, which can record trace data conveyed off-chip via a parallel or serial trace port.

Configuration of PowerTrace II

Data Rates TRACE32 AutoFocus II Preprocessor

  • Parallel trace ports 600+ MBit/s per pin for a port with up to 8-bit (+TCTL) in DDR mode
  • Parallel trace ports up to 600+ MBit/s per pin for a port with up to 16-bit (+TCTL) in DDR mode; without "continuous mode" also for 18-bit ports
  • Parallel trace ports up to 350 MBit/s per pin for a port with up to 32-bit (+TCTL)

Data Rate TRACE32 Serial Preprocessor

  • Serial trace ports up to 4 lanes, each lane max. 6.5 Gbit/s, but only up to 19.2 GBit/s in total

Included Standard Probe

In addition to the regular trace features PowerTrace II can be used as a 17 channel logic analyzer with the provided Standard Probe for transient recording, simple triggering, protocol analysis etc. With the TRACE32 Analog Probe which could be ordered seperately the voltage and current values can be measured for energy profiling. PowerTrace II provides a 1024K trace memory for this purpose.

IProbe of PowerTrace II

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