ARM11 JTAG Debugger

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Software Trace Tools
Hardware Trace Tools

ARM11 JTAG Debugger
Easy high-level and assembler debugging
Interface to all compilers
RTOS awareness
Display of internal and external peripherals at a logical level
Flash programming
Powerful script language
Hardware breakpoints and trigger (if supported by on chip debug interface)
Multicore debugging
Multiprocessor debugging
Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
High-Speed download
Active Debugger controlled by PowerPC
The ARM11™ processor family provides the engine that powers most smartphones in production today; it is also widely used in consumer, home, and embedded applications. It delivers extreme low power and a range of performance from 350 MHz in small area designs up to 1 GHz in speed optimized designs in 45 and 65 nm.

The TRACE32 JTAG debugger support nearly all type of chips, including multicore applications.

Technical Support

Demo Software for Download

Multicore-Debugging with DSPs

  • Ceva and DSPGroup JTAG Interface
  • Full HLL and ASM support available
  • Graphical Variables Display
  • Batch Processing
  • Unlimited Software Breakpoints
  • Onchip Breakpoints
  • Multicore debugging



Adaptation for ARM Debug Connector

Target Adaptation for MIPI-10/-20T/-20D/-34


IDE - Integrated Development Environment


Software Trace Tools

ETB Trace
  • Compatible to external ETM Trace
  • Readout through JTAG
  • No Speed Limit
  • Full Trace of Code and Data


Hardware Trace Tools

ETM Trace
  • Up to 8 GByte trace buffer
  • Target voltage 1.2 .. 3.3 V
  • 5 ns time stamp
  • Program and data trace
  • Performance analysis
  • Function and task run-time measurement
  • Code coverage
  • Support for Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM), Program Trace Macrocell (PTM)
  • Support for Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB), Trace Memory Controller (TMC), Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU)
  • Support for multiple trace sources in a single stream (CoreSight trace)

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