CEVA-X Debug & Trace Solutions


Any CEVA-X Core in Any SoC

Benefit from Lauterbach’s leading edge development tools and close partnership with CEVA® to analyze any design, from a stand-alone single- or multi-core device to a complex SoC.

CEVA-XTM DSP cores are a popular choice for multi-gigabit baseband network processing, machine vision, deep learning, and wireless applications. Using our TRACE32® tools you can debug and control any CEVA-XTM core (along with all of the other cores) in any SoC via a single debug interface, all at the same time. TRACE32® supports the complete feature set CEVA-XTM cores like CEVA-XCTM, CEVA-XMTM, SensProTM, and many others. For chips implementing Arm’s CoreSight IP, TRACE32® tools support real-time on- and off-chip tracing.

Supported Sub-Architectures

Ceva X16xx, Ceva X1/X2, Ceva BX/XC/XM


Utilizing all debug features

Explore and utilize all the powerful and well-known features of your CEVA-X™ core with Lauterbach debug modules: full on-chip breakpoint support; run-time memory access; flash programming and benchmark counters. And of course, everything is scriptable, enabling you to repeat the same test-sequence over and over. The same interface you use for your application core debug can be used for debugging your DSP, reducing training time and allowing you to be more productive, more quickly.

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Full on-chip breakpoint support

Unlock the power of CEVA-XTM on-chip breakpoints and all of their features, enabling you to control your application.

Debug CEVA-X Cores in Multi-Architecture SoCs

Debug all your CEVA-XTM cores and non- CEVA-XTM cores at the same time with just one debug probe.

Support of any Debug Interface Protocol

Debug via classic JTAG or using Arm CoreSight® SoC-400/600 (SWD, APB, JTAG-AP) in a multi-core SoC.

Tune your application not-intrusively

Use the Benchmark Counter Unit (BMC) to monitor and fine tune the performance of your application, non-intrusively.


Capture Your Core’s Actions

Stop mode debugging can be a powerful tool but tracing is even better. Our trace solutions for CEVA-X™ support both on-chip trace and the much more powerful Arm® ETM® off-chip Trace, which can save the trace-data inside the target memory or emit it to one of our PowerTrace tools. For extended tracing, the ETM off-chip trace provides large volumes of trace data and the capability of recording for minutes, hours, or days using trace streaming.

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Utilize Arm CoreSight Trace

Your CEVA-XTMtrace is fully Arm® CoreSight® compliant, simplifying the design of your SoC. Leverage the power and flexibility of Arm® ETM® trace for your CEVA-XTM design.

Benefit from Off-Chip trace

The same invaluable trace information, collected non-intrusively, but more of it. Trace for longer periods of time, minutes, hours, or days with trace streaming.

Obtain Detailed Runtime Information

Capture load and store operations – address and data values - in addition to program flow, allowing you to monitor task switches and data flow.

Analyse Interactions between Multiples Cores

Our trace solution supports multicore tracing to record and analyse the dynamic interaction between cores. For mixed-architectures SoCs you can concurrently trace CEVA-X ® and non-CEVA-X ® cores.


Get Ready Before Your Silicon is

Test your CEVA-X™ code in your custom SoC before your SoC is ready. Taping out your SoC takes a lot of time but TRACE32® allows you to start software development on simulators, using the same GUI and toolset that you would use later with the real chip.

Unit testing with integrated Instruction Set Simulator

You can get to work immediately using the TRACE32® PowerView Instruction Set Simulator for CEVA-XTM, allowing you to begin developing and testing code in parallel to the hardware being built. The simulator is perfect for module and regression tests as well.

Benefit from MCD Support

Start working with virtual targets or FPGA simulations using MCD API. The same TRACE32® PowerView User Interface and skills seamlessly migrate to real hardware.


3rd Party Tools Supported for CEVA-X

The following features are available for all architectures supported by TRACE32. Please contact us if your device or tool is not listed here; support is often already on its way.

Host OS

Our debug software runs on all major operating systems.

Flash Devices

We support the programming of a large variety of flash devices. NOR, NAND, SPI, QSPI, EMMC and more.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrations allow you to easily use TRACE32 with other tools.