Basic Training


The individual blocks cover completed topics. Nevertheless we recommend to participate in all blocks since they are based on the previous blocks. This training is in French. If another language is needed, please contact us at

TRAINING LEVEL: starter and intermediate

PREREQUISITE: basic knowledge in embedded systems

TRAINER: Nicolas Delemarre

1-Day Training


09.00-10.00 am

  • Introduction into Lauterbach Hardware and License Model
  • Configuration File built with TRACE32® Start
  • Introduction into PowerView
    User Interface, Modify Menu- and Tool Bar, Command Structure & built-in Help System

10.00-12.00 pm

  • Memory Accesses & Internal Flash Programming
    Memory Operations, Registers, Peripherals, Flash Programming Procedure
  • High Level Language Debugging
    Load the Application, Program Symbol Data Base, Display Variables, Variable Monitoring, Variable Logging


02.00-03.30 pm

  • Breakpoints
    Basic and Advanced breakpoints
  • TRACE32® Kernel Awareness
  • Multicore Debugging
    SMP Concept, AMP Concept

03.30-05.00 pm

  • Real-Time Trace Introduction
    Basic Features, Filter the Trace, Context Tracking, System, Profiling & Timing Analysis, Code Coverage


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