Download TRACE32 Software
LTS Release 09/2020

Starting with Release 2021/02, several old products and features have been discontinued.

TRACE32 In-Circuit Emulators:

  • ICE In-Circuit Emulators (all architectures)
  • FIRE In-Circuit Emulators (all architectures)

TRACE32 In-Circuit Debugging (ICD) modules:

  • Debug Interface (LA-7700, LA-7701)
  • PODBUS Ethernet Controller (LA-7810..7814, LA-7820..7825)
  • Old PowerTrace module with 64 MByte trace memory (LA-7706)

TRACE32 ROM Monitors on EPROM Simulator (ESI) for:

  • XA51 (LA-7524)
  • 80C196 (LA-7516)

TRACE32 In-Circuit Debuggers (ICD) for:

  • 196EA (LA-7750)
  • MMDSP+ (LA-7836, LA-7625)
  • MC56000 and MC56100 (LA-7730)
  • 68HC12 (LA-7714) (Superseded by LA-3748)
  • MCS12 (LA-7717) (Superseded by LA-3748)
  • 68K (LA-7710) when running on old PowerDebug modules LA-7702 and LA-7704
  • 68HC16 (LA-7712) when running on old PowerDebug modules LA-7702 and LA-7704

Discontinued Virtual Target APIs no longer supported:

  • TRACE32 Frontend for Virtio (VDI)
  • TRACE32 Frontend for VaST
  • TRACE32 Frontend for OseDB

Discontinued support regarding operating systems affects:

  • Windows Vista, XP and older
  • 32-bit Linux platforms
  • Qt4 Linux platforms (TRACE32 for Qt now requires Qt5)

If you are using any of the above products or features, you can contact to request a download link to the TRACE32 2020/09 LTS Release. Install the LTS Release into a directory separate from your normal TRACE32 installation.

TRACE32 2020/09 LTS is based on the Release version 2020/09 and will continue to provide support for the discontinued TRACE32 products and features listed above. Any other products that were purchased after 2020/09 are not guaranteed to be compatible with this LTS Release. Please contact support for inquieries about compatibility of the LTS Release with recent products.