Converter Mictor-38/IDC20A to MIPI-34


Converter Mictor-38/IDC20A to MIPI-34

Product number: LA-3842
Not recommended for new projects

Converter to connect an AutoFocus II Preprocessor with
MICTOR-38 and an IDC20A Debug Cable to MIPI-10/-20/-34.

Enables the AutoFocus II Preprocessor to receive trace data
from the 4-bit wide trace port of a MIPI-34 target connector.

The converter is configured for MIPI-34 via 0 Ohm resistors.
By soldering the resistors differently MIPI-20T can be supported as well.
You can get the same converter pre-configured for MIPI-20T by ordering
LA-3809 Converter Mictor-38/IDC20A to MIPI-20T.

Use this product in existing projects only. For new projects please order the superseded product.
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Extend the Converter Mictor-38/IDC20A to MIPI-34