Emul. adap. TCON320/BGA388-MPC56x Test/NEXUS


Emul. adap. TCON320/BGA388-MPC56x Test/NEXUS

Product number: LA-9671
Out of production

Adapter for Preprocessor for MPC561/MPC563 TCON
Adaptation from TCON320 to
Advanced Interconnect socket BGA388

Advanced Interconnect socket part number (AI-9664):

- includes TCON320 Test Adapter

- with Advanced Interconnect socket to use the
original CPU, requires Advanced Interconnect BGA
adapter part number: (AI-9667) 1FHA388-715G

- with 50 pin nonrobust AMP50 connector for NEXUS
(AMP 104549-7)

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.
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