Preprocessor for ARM-ETM 200 flex cable


Preprocessor for ARM-ETM 200 flex cable

Product number: LA-7921
Out of production

Preprocessor for ARM/Cortex
Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM),
Program Trace Macrocell (PTM),
connector cable and software,
200 MHz clock speed (200 Mbps), 4 x Trace-Depth,
0.9 to 3.6V

support normal mode, 4 bit DeMux mode,
normal halfrate mode, Mux mode and
4 bit DeMux halfrate mode

support max. 16 bit trace port size

Important: 3ns setup time, 1ns hold time needed
ETMV3.x Continuous Mode only without idle-filter

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.