DXCPL Box (DAP over CAN Physical Layer)


DXCPL Box (DAP over CAN Physical Layer)

Product number: LA-3888

DAP Converter 26-pin Automotive Debug Cable/16-pin Standard Cable
(TriCore) to CAN Physical Layer

Usage with Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0, or
Power Debug II requires:
LA-2707 (Debugger for TriCore Automotive PRO)
LA-3203 (Debugger for TriCore AUTO26 (PACK))
LA-3737 (JTAG Debugger for TriCore Automotive)
LA-7756 (JTAG Debugger for TriCore Standard)

Usage with PowerDebug PRO, PowerDebug E40 or
PowerDebug X50 requires:
LA-2707 Debugger for TriCore Automotive PRO
LA-3203 Debugger for TriCore AUTO26 (PACK)

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